Bzzz said the bee

Drawing on her own memories of long Swedish summer days, Ann-Mari Forsberg gave the Skanian tapestry traditions a jolt in creating a tapestry called Beehive  (“Bikupan”). Designed in 1959 and woven by the MMF workshop, it is an explosion of color which also manages to evoke sound, drawing on the viewer’s own memories of the drone of bees. Like the Skånian tapestries made by farm wives, the flowers here are almost childishly simple images of flowers.  Not “real” flowers, but imagined ones.  As are the multi-hued bees.

I don’t have an image for the whole tapestry, but I thought this detail captured the lazy feeling of deep summer.


Bikupan AMF Auktionsverket
Ann-Mari Forsberg, tapestry “Beehive”,  Marta Maas-Fjetterström, designed in 1959, 46 x 30 cm. sold by Stockholms Auktionsverk


Stockholms Auktionsverk Moderna auction 14 april 2013, object 201

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