Clever name, clever ideas and best of all, thoughtful execution. I am so glad to have re-found this pair of Swedish designers, Katerina Brieditis and Katarina Evans, who had a 12 month long project making 12 rugs of waste materials. Some of their work plays with the patterns of traditional woven Swedish rugs but theres’s not a loom in sight. they are working out these designs by hand, like a (very large) craft project. Whether these could be replicated at an affordable cost or whether they serve more as provocation to better DIY use of waste, who knows. I’d like to know more! Here’s a link to information about the project:

This is a rug called ReOrient– based on traditional Swedish rölakan patterns (though it’s actually made of crocheted old t-shirt material):ReRagRug9-ReOrient-Brieditis-Evans-FF1 400px

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