Red-letter day: Marin Hemmingson

The last two posts have looked at the collection of the Zoegas coffee company in Helsingborg, which commissioned six coffee-colored MMF rugs for its corporate offices. But they also bought two other pieces, both tapestries. One of these was a wall-hanging of a ship by Marianne Richter. That piece is shown below. This is one of several versions of ships Richter produced.

MR Strandvagsskutor for Zoegas Kaffee
Marianne Richter, Tapestry weave variant (gobelängvariant), “Strandvägsskutor”, designed 1961. 127,5 x 92 cm. Signed AB MMF MR. (AB Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Marianne Richter). Sold Bukowskis Spring Modern Auction Stockholm 572, 2013, Object #661

The next tapestry was probably woven sometime between 1967-1970 by Marin Hemmingson who designed a number of smaller pieces for MMF.  This seems to be the last piece which the company acquired from the MMF atelier. It is a joyful wall hanging with “ZOÉGAS KAFFE” woven in dancing individual letters in gold-coloured threads. In the background are stalks of plants of green coffee and roasted coffee beans are sprinkled throughout.  It is called “Red-letter Magic”– perhaps made in a celebration of a specific event?  What this was, and when, I don’t know. But of all of the pieces commissioned from the Märta Måås Fjetterström atelier, this one is the most specific celebration of the Zoegas brand.  It seems a fitting capstone to the very fruitful collaboration between this venerable Helsingborg company and the MMF studios.

Hemminson Zoegas
Marin Hemmingsson, Tapestry weave variant (gobelängvariant),”Röda bokstavstrolleriet” (“Red-Letter Magic”) designed between 1967-70. 100 x 227,5 cm. Signed MH AB MMF. Sold Bukowskis Spring Modern Auction Stockholm 572, 2013, Object #663.  Note Z-O-E-G-A-S K-A-F-F-E-E letters, coffee beans and green coffee stalks.


detail hemmingson
Detail of Hemmingsson tapestry for Zoegas Coffee with coffee bean.


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