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I realize that the topic of Swedish rugs may be bit arcane for many, and probably not as gripping as your local news, but I’d love some feedback from anyone reading this blog. I have intentionally left open the comments section on each post.  If you have more information, corrections, or maybe even pleasure and fun in reading the blog, or if it is all new to you, it would be fun to hear that.  And I think that most blogs can benefit from becoming a community, not just one voice– so please add your voices!  Thanks.


Photo: 1946 by Stanley Kubrick (yes, that Stanley Kubrick).

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  1. Hi Anne see you maybe searching this first week of May well it is the ‘lust month of May’ according to sing …. Happy May !!


  2. Thanks, Debbie. Glad you’re enjoying imagining the kind of things your sheeps’ wool could have gone into, if you had been living in Sweden in 1950! Anne


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