Merry Christmas!

Two “Christmas Tree” design flat-weave rugs (“Granen”) in red and green versions (there were also blue and purple), designed by Marianne Richter in 1949 for AB Märta Måås Fjetterström. Festive, any way you look at them.  And fun to see differences in directions of pattern, sizes, colors!


Bukowskis Auction house, Stockholm: Green rug above sold in  Modern and Nordic 591 Sale 5/3/2016, Item #489. Size: 198×155.5 cm; signed by initials: ABMMF and MR.

Stockholms Auktionverket, Stockholm: Red rug above sold sold 12/14/16, Item # SA380399196.  Size 216×153 cm; signed by initials ABMMF and MR.

2 thoughts

  1. Sorry to all of you who got this post twice. I realized that the information on the green rug was not the image I first posted, but this other shorter one. That’s the problem with putting up the post without the source information at the same time! I only noticed the problem today when adding that source information. Holiday greetings to all, particularly to those of you kind enough to “Follow” the blog! See you next year.


  2. Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed it for several months and look forward to your new posts in 2017. Happy Holidays!


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