Happy Valentines Day!

Here’s a sweet image to brighten your day: it’s a sketch of a rug-probably a flat-weave- designed by Ingrid Skerfe-Nilsson, working in the late 1940s, in Uppsala, Sweden, for the Uppsala County Crafts Association. It’s called “Tulips” (Tulpan), but the design seems like a cheerful stand-in for hearts.

Ingrid Skerfe-Nilsson,sketch for a rug “Tulips(Tulpan), designed between 1947-51. Digitaltmuseum #UM41241 (in a collection of designs), photo from the Upplandsmuseet.

The embroidered image (a pillow cover), titled “Tulip Delight” (Tulpanfröjd) used for the title of this post is also by Ingrid Skerfe-Nilsson. Meanwhile, Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!


Digitaltmuseum collection of Upplandsmuseet material.  Pillow cover is Upplandsmuseet, item #UM37351.





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  1. Also just wanted to say to anyone wanting to comment in another language, that you are most welcome to leave comments in your own language, and I’ll do my best to post a translation.


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