Brief update on “The Birdwoman”

Just about a year ago (Oct 20, 2017), I published a blog post on an unknown artist of small textiles, mostly wall-hangings, whose signature was uncertain but whose subject matter– mostly birds and horses and trees– was very consistent. Here is another image of her work:

BruunR 11_7_17 auct #1745_lot #909
EN, now identifiable as Eva Nemeth, flat-woven wall hanging, sold at Bukowskis auction #1745, 11/7/17, lot #909.

I asked for reader help in identifying this person.  This morning I received an email with definitive identification of this artist, from a woman named Eva in Germany.  Thank you so much, Eva!  You can see her note to me appended to the original post.  Eva from Germany identifies the artist as a Hungarian designer, Eva Nemeth — so the idea that her initials might be NE was correct.  My correspondent provided links to websites of Nemeth’s work, which are here:

Apparently, Nemeth’s small tapestries were marketed in Denmark during the 1970s
and 80s which seems to have been where many of the pieces shown in my earlier
blog post were purchased.   So thank you, readers– especially Eva!  This kind of
cooperative learning makes these blogs fun.  It may take several passes, but new
information does emerge.
Bukowskis Auction house, Stockholm
Earlier blog post on this designer

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