Blogs/Sites I follow A young weaver in a Swedish weaving studio (this is originally in Swedish but the link is for the English translation). Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging for the time being, but her past posts are still of interest. Very useful on the “how-to” of tapestry weaving and a look at one weaver’s contemporary work   Design blog mostly on women graphic designers but with excursions into other areas (also translate-able) Commercial, but good on Danishfurniture history Architectural and social history from Maine, USA; alas apparently also now suspended– but older posts are fun. Lovely abstract fabric collages: quilts to the nth degree ok—these are just goodlooking modern interiors Extra stuff from the mid-century source (includes english translations) A bunch of Swedish textile
enthusiasts who figure out how historical textiles were actually (probably) made Kind of amazing large-scale “weaving” All kinds of graphics by a close observer Sweden’s foremost weaving studio Architectural criticism that is seriously critical but also
enthusiastic about various mid-century architecture Patterns from Britain. Architectural meanderings of an observant Swede: looking at older buildings and the occasional old newspaper/magazine article about a building  Woman in Skåne, southern Sweden,
involved with weaving, knitting, spinning and other textile interests. A wonderful and very serious look at corners of (mostly)Scandinavian and British textile history. A weaver travels the British Isles gathering inspiration A comprehensive look at Jorn Utzon’s architecture and ideas