Blogs/Sites/Instagram accounts I follow A young weaver in a well-established Swedish weaving studio (this is originally in Swedish but the link is for the English translation). Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging for now, but her past posts are still of interest. Same instagram name. Authoritative British art historian covers ways design influences daily life and designers who influence our daily experience of the world. Wide-ranging and thought-provoking.

On Instagram @ArkDesC, Collections at ArkitecturDesign Museum in Stockholm. Historical sketches and realized projects by Swedish architects. or @clothingformoderns on instagram.  Young American weaver living in Sweden, part of a 7-person collaborative weaving studio.

On Instagram @bowdownpodcast,  series of podcasts honoring historical female makers of all sorts from around the world.  Small British firm making contemporary modernist-influenced throws and pillows in a traditional mill in Wales; not sure if they are still operative with covid.  A nice clear site about Danish modern architecture.  Long-time textile historian/dealer, scholarly and wide-ranging.

On Instagram @cranbrookcenter.  Posts on various aspects– architectural, decorative, textile, and people related to do with the Cranbrook complex of schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, designed by Eliel Saarinen, and furnished with textiles by his wife Loja. Very useful on the “how-to” of tapestry weaving and a look at one American weaver’s contemporary work  An ongoing review of both contemporary and historical Danish and Scandinavian design in English.  Chairs, for example.  Same instagram name. A native Brazilian, trained in Glasgow and unafraid of color, designs pillows and scarves.  Frequently sold out, hopefully she will be able to keep stock available in her happy designs. Same instagram name. British publisher devoted to mid-century graphics, and currently printing and reprinting excellent small books.   Design blog mostly on female graphic designers but with excursions into other areas and social history from Maine, USA; now suspended (old posts still fun) — but resumed on instagram under same name. Same instagram name.  Contemporary British textile designer with a great eye and tremendous integrity. Thoughtful patterns and interesting color combinations. Abstract fabric collages: quilts to the nth degree or instagram “jupeculotte”  Fascinating and authoritative fashion history.  Great textiles too.

on Instagram and as an operating business in Helsinki: @haddadindesign– Finnish-Jordanian dealer in modernist Finnish (and some Swedish) design with a great eye.

http://www.fjhakimian/ One of New York’s foremost rug dealers with long love for Swedish mid-century rugs. Extra stuff from the mid-century source    Looking at some of the gaps in architectural history and investigating areas out of the primary media spotlight.

http://www. (includes English translations) A bunch of Swedish textile enthusiasts who look at historical textiles and how they were made.

on Instagram, @house_of_bjarred.  Swedish rug dealer–enthusiastic, part-time, helping to identify less-known makers  Website of Anna-Johanna von Platen, independant art historian and photographer documenting historic Swedish churches. Website of a major American weaver/textile designer with a fantastic eye. One of Stockholm’s foremost rug dealers with both comprehensive knowledge and great integrity. Danish weaver who makes beautiful simple home textiles.  Talented Danish potter whose work is reminiscent of textiles.  Super thin slabs and lovely stripes. Same instagram name. Prolific contemporary British textile designer. Crisp, elegant personal and contract textiles, with lovely sheen. Sweden’s most prestigious hand-weaving studio, founded 1919 by Mårta Måås-Fjetterström, and still weaving to original designs as well as maintaining and reselling vintage pieces. Blog with essays about scandinavian furniture and design and the occasional rug. Wide-ranging and thoughtful. In Norwegian.  Instagram: Jenny von Platen. Malmö antiquarian with a focus on mid-century design who also lectures on the topic.  or “modern_tourist” on instagram. London-based, with interest in modernist architecture. Architectural criticism that is seriously critical but also
enthusiastic about various mid-century architecture An occasional essay on subjects relating to Norwegian weaving.  Edited by Robbie LaFleur, weaver and teacher in Minnesota.

Pauline van Asperen at “paulienweaves” on instagram.  Dutch weaver of experimental structures. Architectural meanderings of an observant Swede: looking at older buildings and the occasional old newspaper/magazine article about buildings.  A blog of ongoing investigations into traditional Scandinavian weaving techniques by a group of weavers in Minnesota, USA.   or “weavingorigami” on instagram.  Original American weaver, with very architectural designs, looking at experimental 3-D weave structures.  Woman in Skåne, southern Sweden,
involved with weaving, knitting, spinning and other textile interests. A wonderful and very scholarly look at corners of (mostly)Scandinavian and British textile history.  Ambitious British weaving duo with a distinctive multi-color, multi-patterned style. Personal and domestic textiles.  Accomplished Danish designer who blurs the boundaries between weaving and printmaking as well as between art, craft and commercial work.

On Instagram @viefaltdermoderne   German art historian with a fascination for modernist architecture. A comprehensive look at Jorn Utzon’s architecture and ideas